31 October 2016

3 horse-racing myths busted for the Melbourne Cup

Veterinary physiologist Dr Natasha Hamilton addresses perceived issues with horse racing, using science to demonstrate why the Melbourne Cup is not bad for the animals she is passionate about.

31 October 2016

6 tips on how to gamble within your limits

As Australian's prepare to celebrate the Melbourne Cup, we asked Kirsten Shannon, manager of the University's Gambling Treatment Clinic, for her top tips on how to gamble responsibly.

31 October 2016

World's first professor of planetary health appointed

The University of Sydney has appointed Dr Tony Capon as the world's first professor of planetary health.

31 October 2016

How will we feed the future?

Leading experts will discuss how we can protect the future food system, while new research reveals our food labelling system is better than we think.

31 October 2016

Health solutions win Student Innovation Week Challenge

A streamlined mental health platform to support students and a revolutionary approach to heart valve transplants have won two teams of students funding in the inaugural Innovation Week Student Challenge.

31 October 2016

Australia’s biomedical future on show at Westmead

Showcasing Australia's future in biomedical innovation eighteen University of Sydney engineering teams pitched their visions for our healthcare future at the inaugural MedTech event, presented this year at Westmead.

29 October 2016

University community mourns jacaranda tree collapse

We are saddened to advise the University community that the beloved jacaranda tree which has thrived in its Main Quadrangle since 1928 collapsed last night.

28 October 2016

9 nifty things to know about spiders

Here are nine little-known reasons why you should be fascinated rather than frightened of spiders.

28 October 2016

10 tips to keep you mosquito free this summer

Summer is coming and so are the mosquitoes. There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about what works and what doesn't when it comes to beating the bite of backyard mosquitoes.
27 October 2016

10 reasons you don't need to be scared of bats

There's plenty of reasons we should be friendly, not fearful, of bats.