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18 November 2016

Food for thought: the science of eating a healthy diet

In this podcast Chris is joined by Associate Professor Amanda Salis, who speaks about how to eat well in a world of confusing food and nutrition advice.

18 November 2016

Take Trump one step at a time

Australia has handled far more seismic jolts to its international outlook, writes Professor James Curran from the University of Sydney. 

18 November 2016

Musical ambitions for cochlear implant

The human ear is amazing. It can hear the slightest whisper and tolerate high intensity sounds. But for people relying on hearing devices, the sounds of music can be unbearable.

18 November 2016

Sydney dominates major STEM prizes – 2016 wrap

2016 has been a great year for science and medical research, with the University of Sydney leading major science prizes including the Australian Academy of Science’s awards and the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science.

18 November 2016

5G cellular network not far away

A 5G cellular network that supports the trillions of interconnected devices predicted to be in use in the coming few years is being designed by telecommunications specialists at the University of Sydney.

18 November 2016

Sydney dominates Academy’s Awards

Sydney has again won the most awards for science and medical research, in today's Australian Academy of Science awards announcement – capping an outstanding year – which has included the Prime Minister's Prize for Science.