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30 November 2016

Students make $750 drug cheaply with Open Source Malaria team

Sydney Grammar students under University guidance have shown how simple it is to make a version of the life-saving medicine Daraprim, whose price was the subject of controversy last year when it jumped more than 5000 percent.

30 November 2016

Mentorship: how to build a business

Driven to start her own fashion company, Elena Biancardi moved from Italy to Sydney to study innovation and entrepreneurship. With guidance from her alumni mentor, she’s now taken her business to the next level.

30 November 2016

New book reveals 150 years of Sydney’s quarantine history

A new book with University of Sydney authors has revealed the sandstone engravings of those who found themselves detained at Sydney’s Quarantine Station during its 150-year history.

30 November 2016

Sports that will save your life revealed: new research

Racquet ball games, swimming and aerobics were found to be most protective against death from cardiovascular causes. 

30 November 2016

Employability skills: 6 ways to get a job and keep it

These days, more than ever, having a university education isn't the only thing that'll land you your dream job. We spoke to employers to get their top tips on the employability skills you should have.