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25 January 2017

Super sleuth questions cancer research papers

Questionable research concerning a gene linked to cancer could be misleading researchers working on treatments, says cancer expert Professor Jennifer Byrne. 

25 January 2017

Indonesian leaders unite for women's rights

The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre at the University of Sydney is helping 26 Indonesian NGO leaders fighting for women's rights and to stop violence against women in Asia.

25 January 2017

Roger Reddel wins medical research award

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians has awarded the Neil Hamilton Fairley Medal, 2017 to cancer researcher, Professor Roger Reddel.

25 January 2017

Time for progressive fair trade policies

As US President Donald Trump rejects the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it's time to rethink trade policy and produce credible and inclusive fair trade, writes Dr Patricia Ranald in the Sydney Morning Herald.

25 January 2017

The health potential of big data

Associate Professor Genevera Allen will present a free public lecture exploring the ways big data may hold the key to understanding causes and cures for cancer as well as understanding the complexities of the human brain.