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15 February 2017

Housing supply shouldn't be the only policy tool politicians cling to

The most popular government policy at the moment for solving housing affordability continues to be increasing housing supply, writes Professor Phibbs and Professor Gurran.

15 February 2017

We’re ‘Roaring with Pride’ to be part of Mardi Gras 2017

The University of Sydney is once again proud to be part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in 2017.

15 February 2017

Explainer: how to cut through to anti-vaxxers and anti-fluoriders

A public health expert shares six ways to debunk the 'alternative facts' of public health risks. Dr Claire Hooker writes on ways to communicate public health risks to anti-vaxxers and anti-fluoriders.

15 February 2017

How leaders can better sell economic reform

Policy makers must move away from believing voter disaffection amounts to apathy, writes Associate Professor Anika Gauja.

15 February 2017

An insider’s guide to starting uni

Think you know everything you need to about starting uni? Skim our insider student tips to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running during your first weeks on campus. 

15 February 2017

Future doctors unprepared to deliver physical activity advice

Physical activity (PA) training for medical students in Australia is not keeping pace with the growing obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemics, potentially leaving many future doctors unprepared to help patients.

15 February 2017

Who 'Likes' social media gambling?

Problem gambling is set to get worse because of social media, writes Sally Gainsbury from the Gambling Treatment Clinic. Research shows gaming and gambling are converging and are being embraced by the smartphone generation.