31 March 2017

5 questions to ask yourself when picking an exchange destination

The University of Sydney has 276 exchange partners across 41 countries. Picking one is no easy task, but there are lots of factors to help you shortlist your preferences. 

31 March 2017

Great Hall gets a magic makeover

The University's Great Hall has been given a 21st century makeover, of the magic variety, thanks to the creativity of an imaginative stonemason. The new crest was completed this week, 158 years after the Great Hall was first opened.

31 March 2017

University investigates nanotechnology safety

Dr Wojciech Chrzanowski has delivered a talk on the way the University is addressing the safety of nanoparticles

31 March 2017

Can we save the Great Barrier Reef from mass coral bleaching?

The future of the Great Barrier Reef in the face of climate-induced coral bleaching is of grave concern. A panel of experts will discuss what can be done to slow or prevent alarming rates of mass coral bleaching.

31 March 2017

Susan Wakil Scholarships and Professor of Healthy Ageing announced

Sydney Nursing School this week awarded ten new Susan Wakil Scholarships and named a new Professor of Healthy Ageing at its awards and prizes celebration evening.

30 March 2017

Mobile phones are not always a cure for poverty in remote regions

Mobile phones are often touted as technology that can help bring economic benefits to the poor. But the benefits to those living in rural and remote areas without other infrastructure are limited, writes Dr Petr Matous.

30 March 2017

Historian wins Ashurst Business Literature Prize

Dr Catherine Bishop of the Laureate Research Program in International History has won a rich business literature prize with her debut book, a 'refreshing rendering' of colonial-era women entrepreneurs.

29 March 2017

Mapping the fate of our reefs

Researchers are using 3D mapping techniques to capture the Great Barrier Reef in incredible detail in order to study the effects of global warming and the extent of coral bleaching.

29 March 2017

Selective schools’ long and tangled history with race and class

Selective high schools in Australia are both popular and controversial, but to properly understand them you have to go back to the beginning, write Associate Professor Helen Proctor and Dr Arathi Sriprakash.

28 March 2017

Meet Laura Palmer - a new addition to the University's IEQ Lab

Laura Palmer, a life-size mannequin named after the fictional character from the '90s American cult TV series Twin Peaks, is the latest addition to the research team in the University's Indoor Environmental Quality Lab (IEQ).