20 March 2017

Everyone has a story to share

At our Living Library, people will be the books and share their experiences as part of the University's commitment to build a culture of inclusion and diversity on campus.

17 March 2017

Is breaking the law ever justifiable?

In the wake of union boss Sally McManus' comments that it's okay to break "unjust" laws, Dr Kevin Walton from the Sydney Law School explores what duty to the law Australians really have.

16 March 2017

Research behind Hugs not Drugs inspiring the next generation

Sara Scott is completing her honours thesis in testing the effectiveness of a synthetic oxytocin compound and is encouraging the community to hear about how this critical work can help families affected by addiction.  

16 March 2017

Online therapy offers hope for people with traumatic brain injury

Be part of a world-first study from the Faculty of Health Sciences to help people regain speech and improve communication after suffering a traumatic brain injury using online therapy. 

16 March 2017

Veggies each day keep the stress blues away

Eating three to four serves of vegetables daily is associated with a lower incidence of psychological stress, new research by University of Sydney scholars reveals.

15 March 2017

Sydney bee researcher gets her stripes

Molecular geneticist, Dr Emily Remnant is creating a buzz in the horticultural and agricultural sectors with her innovative work in immunising bees against devastating viruses.  

15 March 2017

Faster access to new drugs doesn’t always mean better treatment

University of Sydney academics say Trump's bid to de-regulate the FDA in America could result in worse treatment for patients.

15 March 2017

Is big sugar the new health threat?

University of Sydney researchers discuss the bittersweet truth in the debate about sugar. Is a tax on sugar the answer? Should we cut sugar from our diets completely?

14 March 2017

Brain cancer patent licensed by University of Sydney

A new cancer fighting molecule developed by researchers at the University of Sydney has been licensed and has received $1.2 million of research funding from Lin BioScience.

14 March 2017

Surf break discoveries create economic growth

A study of 5000 surf breaks around the world has found their discovery boosts economic growth, with Western Australia a hotspot for growth.