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14 March 2017

Brain cancer patent licensed by University of Sydney

A new cancer fighting molecule developed by researchers at the University of Sydney has been licensed and has received $1.2 million of research funding from Lin BioScience.

14 March 2017

Surf break discoveries create economic growth

A study of 5000 surf breaks around the world has found their discovery boosts economic growth, with Western Australia a hotspot for growth.

14 March 2017

Brexit: how can Australia secure the right trade deal?

An international trade expert has proposed a plan for Australia to secure a beneficial trade deal with the UK, as Brexit draws nearer.

14 March 2017

Which diets are best for late-life health?

Researchers from the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre are seeking older Australians for a new meal delivery trial to test how simple dietary changes can impact late-life health.  

14 March 2017

New double degree attracts future leaders in architecture

Angus Gregg from Perth and Clare Chuang from Brisbane have moved to Sydney to be among the first group of students to embark on Australia’s new and only double degree in architecture at the University of Sydney.