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06 April 2017

Watch this space

The lack of moon missions doesn't mean space exploration has been standing still. University people are currently involved in everything from deploying satellites, to developing rocket engines for missions to Mars, and finding extra-terrestrial life.

06 April 2017

A kaleidoscopic life

From Mt Isa to the Daintree, Palm Island to Sydney, Wilo Muwadda has seen some difficult times, but he has always been defined by his determination and his achievements. He's now pursuing a new goal and taking on new challenges.

06 April 2017

Gut feeling

New research into the human gut and its trillions of inhabitants could undo some of the confusion around healthy eating and address a surprising range of the modern world's most difficult medical conditions.

06 April 2017

Hot in the City: Climate and health in urban environments

University of Sydney researchers discuss how we can protect and promote health in the face of climate change.

06 April 2017

How rising house prices affected household debt

Economists studied a dataset which follows 4,000 households to understand how household indebtedness changed between 2002 and 2014.