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26 May 2017

10 Indigenous staff and students taking the next steps

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and students reveal what this year's National Reconciliation Week means to them, and the steps they're taking in the journey to achieve reconciliation. 

26 May 2017

Explainer: Why is recycling important?

University of Sydney researchers are working on turning waste into new innovations for the health, agriculture, transport and construction industries

26 May 2017

Desecration and romanticisation – the real curse of mummies

Hollywood's tomb of old ideas will creak open again and present the tale of an ancient Egyptian tomb with the latest installment of The Mummy. Dr Craig Barker from Sydney University Museums sorts the fact from fiction. 

26 May 2017

Business School's reputation for excellence reaffirmed in The Economist's rankings

The University of Sydney Business School's global reputation for excellence in management education has been reaffirmed by the inaugural rankings by The Economist. The flagship postgraduate program was ranked number one in Australia.

26 May 2017

Australia returning to outer space

The Australian spacecraft INSPIRE-2, a project led by the University of Sydney, will be launched from the International Space Station.