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07 June 2017

When it comes to disappearing ocean history, HMAS Perth is the tip of the iceberg

There are critical issues facing our oceans, such as climate change and pollution, but one area often overlooked is the preservation of underwater history, writes PhD candidate Natali Pearson.

07 June 2017

Teachers must disrupt the classroom in the automation age

As a Sydney Ideas panelist set to debate Australian schools, Professor Michael Anderson explains how teachers can be change-makers in an unfolding automation age. 

07 June 2017

Don’t rely on smartphone apps to treat back pain

Millions of people worldwide use back pain apps, however no independent guidance is available to help consumers identify which ones are safe and of high quality, a new study has found.

07 June 2017

Researchers win grant to fight superbugs

University of Sydney researchers have been awarded over $500,000 to research more effective ways of combating superbugs.

07 June 2017

Who will win the 2017 UK election?

As the UK prepares to head to the polls for the general election, University of Sydney experts weigh in with their predictions for the Prime Minister and the country's future.