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22 June 2017

Inspired detective work finds Australian satellite in space

Around-the-clock detective work, expanding the search to an increasingly international group of volunteers and decoding at our ground station has confirmed Australia's successful return to the space race.

22 June 2017

Students set off on winter adventures

As we approach the mid-year winter break students are preparing to head out to gain hands-on experiences, learn new skills and make a difference in communities in Australia and abroad.

22 June 2017

World first air travel health partnership between University and Qantas

Qantas and the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre have announced a world first air travel health and wellbeing partnership to reshape customers' experience of long haul flights.  

22 June 2017

Art unleashes the power of the dot

The Papunya dot is a powerful symbol of identity in Aboriginal art and culture. In a new exhibition, artists have harnessed the power that the dot holds for Aboriginal people as a starting point to explore their own beliefs.

22 June 2017

Explainer: What is a concussion?

Dr Adrian Cohen from the University of Sydney explains what causes a concussion and how to best prevent them.