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21 July 2017

Why cities are part of the climate change problem and solution

Climate change is often seen as a global issue but over the past 20 years it has become a vital urban issue. At a Sydney Ideas event next Wednesday, Professor Harriet Bulkeley will explain why cities are both part of the cause and the solution to climate change. 

21 July 2017

Bottoms up to the future of nanotechnology

Sydney researchers are driving the design and development of nanowires forward, with new insights to improve the efficient and cost-effective production of these highly sought after building blocks of nanodevices.

21 July 2017

Australia must not be hurried into a free trade deal with Britain

Australia has little to gain by rushing a free trade deal during Brexit angst, writes Associate Professor Mark Melatos for the Australian Financial Review.

21 July 2017

Flame tree joins jacaranda companion in Quadrangle

The University’s much-loved jacaranda graced the southern end of the Quadrangle for 88 years before dying in 2016. The planting of a native flame tree and a clone of the original jacaranda was celebrated in a special ceremony today.  

21 July 2017

Sydney Science Festival 2017

Our researchers are involved in a range of public events for this year's Sydney Science Festival from 8 to 20 August.