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02 August 2017

A solution to Sydney's peak-hour train crush

Game-changing train travel needs government to wean itself from low-capacity, polluting motorways, writes Associate Professor Pablo Guillen Alvarez.

02 August 2017

From creatures of habit to digital zombies - are we all addicts?

Experts from the University of Sydney discuss what drives addictive behaviours at the next Sydney Ideas Health Forum.

02 August 2017

Why I'm angry about the city I love

Dr Elizabeth Farrelly sets the scene for how planning might navigate the post-truth political landscape in her keynote speech at the launch of the University of Sydney's Festival of Urbanism iv on Monday, 31 July.

02 August 2017

Are artificial sweeteners counterproductive when dieting?

Artificial sweeteners combined with a low-carb diet increases food consumption, research reveals. It expands on previous research that explained why artificial sweeteners increase feelings of hunger when consumed chronically.

02 August 2017

What did the mother of all flowers look like?

Researchers from 13 countries have reconstructed the evolution of flowers - only 140 million years old and the most diverse group of plants on Earth, which came into existence towards the end of the age of the dinosaurs.