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25 August 2017

A life-changing university scholarship

Talent and hard work are no guarantee of a university education. For one gifted current student, the only thing that allowed him the chance to work towards his full potential was a scholarship.

25 August 2017

How banks can win public trust back

A bank's claim that "trust is critical to our business" sits very awkwardly with its recent track record, writes Professor David Kinley for the ABC.

25 August 2017

Stanford and Rice Universities battle it out in Sydney

Stanford and Rice Universities kicked off the 2017 College Football Cup this week by touching down at the University of Sydney.

25 August 2017

Bigger issues than junk health policies

Health insurance policies that force people to access care in public hospitals are part of a wider range of issues writes Associate Professor Lesley Russell in The Conversation. 

25 August 2017

5 ways the classroom has changed

Times really have changed: you might not recognise the classroom now, with online courses, hands-on learning, overseas exchange, collaborative spaces, and even research talks in pubs.