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14 November 2017

1 million injections and no fatalities

More than 1 million injections have been supervised in Sydney's Safe Injecting Facility with no fatalities occurring since the centre opened in 2001.

14 November 2017

Choose your own Science adventure

With a new shared pool of minors and majors being offered from 2018, we asked some recent Science graduates how studying complimentary units influenced their university experience and beyond.

14 November 2017

Demystifying Sydney Science degrees

In 2018 the Sydney Undergraduate Experience will launch our reimagined curriculum. But what do the changes mean for those studying Science? And what do future students need to consider when making their choice of degree?

14 November 2017

Software student hacking his way to the top

Indian immigrant and software engineering student Karthik Balasubramanian has made his mark on Sydney’s hackathon scene after winning three high-profile competitions in less than a year.

14 November 2017

15,000 scientists warn time is running out to save the planet

A scorecard about the Earth - graphically illustrating trends since the majority of Nobel Laureates signed the initial warning - has gone viral and attracted what is thought to be the most signatories to any scientific paper.