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27 November 2017

Parental diet affects offspring immunity: meta-analysis

A multidisciplinary wide-ranging study has found a close relationship exists between parents' diets and the immunity of offspring, with implications for wildlife conservation and agriculture as well as human health.

27 November 2017

$9.3 million state-of-the-art education centre launches at Westmead

A $9.3 million teaching and learning centre officially opened at Westmead Hospital today. 

27 November 2017

A gift in kind? How kind! The weirdest donations to the University

A Picasso wrapped in plastic. A beetle as big as a rat. Gruesome medical gadgets. Over the years, generous benefactors have given the University of Sydney a rich and rare array of donations in kind.

27 November 2017

Majority of Australians say online privacy beyond their control

A survey of 1600 Australians details attitudes to online privacy, surveillance, digital disruption at work, and online freedom of speech.

27 November 2017

New fellowships to retain the best postdoctoral talent

The University has launched a new fellowship program to support and retain our best early-career academics.

27 November 2017

Small changes mean big opportunities: AINST becomes Sydney Nano

Nanotechnology will shape this century as digital technology shaped the last. The University of Sydney Nano Institute stands ready to embrace the future.