26 February 2018

University innovation on show at Sydney Design Festival 2018

A series of University of Sydney events in early March will explore the diverse uses of design - from encouraging innovation in the workplace, to solving complex humanitarian challenges, and even weaving robotic spiderwebs.
26 February 2018

Human health needs a healthy planet

Last week, the University of Sydney held its first workshop with priority partners on planetary health with representatives from the University of Edinburgh and University of California, Davis.
26 February 2018

Statement on college and campus culture

The University of Sydney issued the following statement in response to media reports about college and campus culture during Orientation Week.
23 February 2018

Children with chronic kidney disease at risk of lower IQs

Children with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are at risk of lower IQs and deficits in academic skills, University of Sydney research reveals.

23 February 2018

Why you're probably not 'addicted' to your smartphone

Obsessively checking your smartphone might look like addiction, but is it? Dr Andrew Campbell, a University of Sydney expert in cyberpsychology, explains and offers evidence-based tips to reduce your smartphone use.
22 February 2018

Impact of misunderstanding genetic tests for heart conditions

Patients who undergo genetic testing for inherited heart disease need to be better informed to know how to interpret the results and understand the impact the results will have on their life, a University of Sydney study has found.
22 February 2018

Australians support a whip ban in horse racing: poll

An overwhelming majority of Australians favour a whip ban - and most horseracing enthusiasts would not walk away - providing a strong incentive to stop the spectacle of whipping, which science shows does not increase wins.
22 February 2018

5 career barriers and how to break through them

Gender barriers in the workplace can be hard to break. University of Sydney academics offer tips to tackle career obstacles this International Women's Day.
21 February 2018

Why Australia should play the long game in the US infrastructure plan

Australia needs to play the long game in the US where exemplarily customer led infrastructure is what distinguishes us, writes Garry Bowditch from the University's John Grill Centre for Project Leadership.
20 February 2018

Largest ever crowdfunded gift to University helps fight cancer

The family of an Australian human rights activist has raised $100,000 to help tackle pancreatic cancer. It is the largest ever crowdfunded gift to the University of Sydney.