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12 April 2018

The case for decriminalising drug use

Can drugs be used responsibly? Will Tregoning says yes, and that many people do just that. Advocating to end discrimination around drug use, Tregoning says in this opinion piece that people often hear prejudice rather than facts.
12 April 2018

Scientists unlock path to use cell's nanoparticles as biomarkers

Developing a method to identify individual cell messengers, called extracellular vesicles, means they can now be used to detect cancer and other disease and be engineered for regenerative medicine.
12 April 2018

Chill out. A slightly warmer office won't make it too hot to think

Setting the office air conditioner to 25°C in order to preserve energy won't make it too hot for workers to think, write University of Sydney researchers.
11 April 2018

Fulbright success for young researchers

Two University of Sydney postgraduate researchers have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships and we welcome a Fulbright Distinguished Chair from Adelphi University.
11 April 2018

New nursing scholarship in memory of a lost love

Neil Pennock will never forget the care his partner Trace Richey received from the nurses at St Vincent's Hospital. He is establishing a new scholarship at the Susan Wakil School of Nursing and Midwifery in Trace's name.
11 April 2018

Coercion and corruption the major challenges for electoral integrity

A new study by the Electoral Integrity Project has analysed parliamentary and presidential elections from 2017, identifying coercion and corruption as major challenges to electoral integrity.
10 April 2018

Professor Ben Eggleton appointed director of Sydney Nano

Professor Eggleton is a world expert on nanophotonics, the study of light at very small scales. He becomes director of the University of Sydney Nano Institute on 1 May, succeeding Professor Susan Pond.
10 April 2018

Iraq museum looting: 15 years on

The ransacking of the National Museum of Iraq is one of the worst acts of cultural vandalism in modern times.
10 April 2018

Thinking about getting your child the flu vaccine?

Young children catch and spread the flu more than any other age group and thousands of children are hospitalised every year, writes Professor Kristine Macartney, a paediatrician specialising in infectious diseases.
10 April 2018

University and ABC seek next generation research talent

A greater appreciation and understanding of Australian humanities research will result from a partnership between the ABC and the University of Sydney to support researchers with a flair and passion for communicating their vital work.