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14 June 2018

Chinese investment in Australia declining: new report

Chinese investment in Australia dropped to AUD$13.3 billion in 2017, according to the latest Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia report by the University of Sydney and KPMG.
14 June 2018

New research cuts through the chatter to decode our needs

Innovative research by the University of Sydney is set to transform our built environments. Trending topics will be captured and used to inform policy making through the federal government's Smart Cities and Suburbs program.
13 June 2018

Johnny Warren scholarship to fund research in football governance

As the FIFA World Cup kicks off, the University of Sydney Business School is establishing a football research scholarship in memory of Socceroos great, Johnny Warren.
13 June 2018

Stories and structures: Aboriginal art meets the microscopic world

Twenty-one Indigenous artists have teamed up with some of Australia's leading microscopy scientists to explore the interplay between Country, its stories and its structures at the microscopic scale.
12 June 2018

University of Sydney community honoured in Queen's Birthday list

Members of the University of Sydney community have been acknowledged for their influence on Australian society in the Queen's Birthday 2018 Honours List.
12 June 2018

Sydney students design smart bandage for burns

A team of undergraduate students who envisioned a new way to harness design and biotechnology, has been selected as a finalist to present at the Biodesign Challenge Summit at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.
08 June 2018

Indigenous economics scholarships a first

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander economics students at the University of Sydney will be supported with scholarships for the first time.
08 June 2018

Nutritional quality of fish and squid reduced by warm water events

The nutritional quality of fish and squid deteriorates under warm water events, research reveals - with implications for the marine environment, marine predators and fisheries capturing food for human consumption.
08 June 2018

Leaving a bequest: how one University supporter is giving back

Sixty years after arriving in Australia as a refugee, Anna Breinl has left the University a bequest that could transform students' lives.
08 June 2018

Monkeys eat fats and carbs to keep warm

Crave comfort foods in cooler months? You're in good company. Golden snub-nosed monkeys prefer to eat more fats and carbohydrates in winter to help generate heat, research suggests.