31 August 2018

Crazy Rich Asians is a ground-breaking moment for representation

Crazy Rich Asians is a ground-breaking moment for Asian representation in Western film, with the first all-Asian cast in Hollywood in 25 years - an industry where Asian actors constitute one percent of lead roles.
31 August 2018

World-first study into cochlear implants and impact on speech

Researchers from the University of Sydney and Cochlear Limited in world-first study that could lead to more accurate predictions of how those with cochlear implants understand speech, allowing for tailoring to individual hearing loss.
31 August 2018

The challenge of eliminating corruption from Indonesia

Corruption has been a long-time problem for Indonesia. As other obstacles to economic and social progress have been tackled, alumnus, Laode Syarif, is working to eradicate corruption wherever he finds it.
30 August 2018

Bruce Beresford talks Ladies in Black and directing movies

He had a significant influence on Australia's cinematic voice, and is the only Australian director of a film that won an Academy Award for Best Picture. Alumnus Bruce Beresford discusses his journey from Hollywood to home.

30 August 2018

Birth defect predicts testicular cancer, infertility in adulthood

Medical researchers are urging greater compliance with guidelines recommending surgery for undescended testes (UDT) before 18 months of age following new evidence that UDT more than doubles the risk of testicular cancer and increases infertility in adult males.
29 August 2018

Eureka Prizes: Sydney scoops the pool for science leadership

The University of Sydney celebrates our world-class academics who have taken four awards at the annual Australian Museum Eureka Prizes in a ceremony at Sydney Town Hall.
29 August 2018

Judy Bailey OAM awarded prestigious Bernard Heinze Memorial Award

Sydney Conservatorium of Music Lecturer Judy Bailey, has been awarded the Sir Bernard Heinze Memorial Award which acknowledges a person who has made an outstanding contribution to music in Australia.
29 August 2018

Exercise is best for managing osteoarthritis: new guidelines

New guidelines for the management of osteoarthritis say that exercise is the safest and most effective treatment, ahead of medications such as opioids and surgery.
29 August 2018

Drought-affected habitats endanger koalas

Koala populations were already threatened before the current drought tightened its grip on the country. As their habitats dry out and koalas are forced to hunt for water, a world-first research program is urgently looking for solutions.
28 August 2018

Sydney scientists solve 30-year wheat rust puzzle

An international group of scientists co-led by the University of Sydney has isolated the first major resistance genes against stripe rust, which threatens to devastate whole crops of the staple food