04 March 2019

World-first program uncovers errors in biomedical research results

Just like the wrong ingredients can spoil a cake, so too can the wrong ingredients spoil the results in biomedical research. The difference is that the latter involves years of work, financial and personal investment and promise.
04 March 2019

How plants and trees talk to each other and why we should care

The last decade has seen significant scientific discoveries on how forests sense, respond and communicate - yet we haven't paused to understand what these discoveries mean for us and trees.
04 March 2019

Did you know the first computer to play music was at Sydney?

The world's first computer to ever play music was built at the University of Sydney by computing pioneer Dr Trevor Pearcey and his team.
04 March 2019

New artworks illuminate the University's past and reimagine its future

A new collection of public artworks by Dale Harding has been installed at the University's Camperdown campus. The artworks reflect Australia's cultural roots, the artist's heritage and the University's history.