31 July 2019

Academics announced as finalists in 5 Eureka Prize categories

Academics with expertise spanning biomedical engineering, the internet-of-things, medicine and quantum physics have been selected as finalists for five categories in Australia's most comprehensive national science awards, the 2019 Australian Museum's Eureka Prizes.

31 July 2019

Pilgrim travel ratings more spiritual than physical

As Muslims prepare to converge on Mecca for the annual Hajj, researchers at the University of Sydney and University of Michigan Business Schools say that reviews and star ratings posted online by pilgrims to the holy sites of the world's major religions can be unreliable.
30 July 2019

$1.5 million awarded for dementia prevention study

Researchers have secured funding from the National Health Medical Research Council for a first-ever trial of both screening and intervention for obstructive sleep apnoea in older people at risk for dementia.

29 July 2019

Saber Astronautics given mission control status for CUAVA-1

ARC Training Centre CUAVA will have ground station and mission control of its first satellite supported by partner Saber Astronautics.
29 July 2019

Explainer: What is Ligandrol and how does it work? 

Associate Professor Nial Wheate from the School of Pharmacy comments on the history of Ligandrol, how it works and news this week about the drug.

29 July 2019

Is the Australian mind at risk of being coddled?

Co-founder of the Heterodox Academy, Professor Jonathan Haidt of New York University, wants students to become 'anti-fragile' in service of intellectual ideals.
29 July 2019

University takes steps to implement French code on free speech

Vice-Chancellor and Principal Dr Michael Spence has established a consultative group to determine how the university should best implement recommendations of the French Review.
26 July 2019

Consorting with criminals: a legitimate offence?

A University of Sydney Law School researcher has argued that consorting laws reveal a new character of criminal responsibility in a research paper.
26 July 2019

Dancing in the dark could have benefits for health and wellbeing

Our researchers partnered with No Lights, No Lycra to explore who regularly attends their nationwide free-form dance events held in the dark, including their motivations and self-reported health benefits.
24 July 2019

7 tips to keep your dog safe from rats and fatal toxins

University of Sydney experts are warning all dog owners in the inner city and the inner west to have their dog vaccinated against leptospirosis and to stay away from rat baits.