23 October 2019

What happens in our brain when we do complex tasks?

Researchers are beginning to untangle what lies behind complex brain activity, with a combination of a brain imaging technique and a Sudoku-like puzzle, writes Dr James (Mac) Shine from the Brain and Mind Centre.
22 October 2019

Professor Julie Leask wins AFR Women of Influence award

Professor Julie Leask has been named as the overall winner in the Australian Financial Review's 100 Women of Influence awards for her pioneering work in addressing vaccination rates in Australia and internationally.
22 October 2019

Helping Sydney researchers to SOAR

Twenty researchers at the University of Sydney have been announced as recipients of the 2020 Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) Prizes.
22 October 2019

Inaugural Sculthorpe Chair of Australian Music announced

Sydney Conservatorium of Music has announced Professor Liza Lim as the inaugural Sculthorpe Chair of Australian Music.
22 October 2019

Save our race horses by breeding them for longer careers

Can we rethink Thoroughbred breeding to improve horse welfare? Our experts weigh up the options.
22 October 2019

Charlotte Wood's The Weekend launched at Charles Perkins Centre

Acclaimed author Charlotte Wood, the first recipient of the Judy Harris Writer in Residence Fellowship at the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre, launched her new book The Weekend last night.

22 October 2019

Which came first, the lizard or the egg?

Scientists have never before witnessed the birth of live young and the laying of eggs from the same pregnancy. This world-first observation by Dr Camilla Whittington provides a fertile area for research into the evolution of pregnancy.
21 October 2019

Digital mental health project wins industry grant for new trial

The Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt MP highlights mental health as Australia's greatest challenge as the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre and Bupa launch an ambitious digital health care trial through the InnoWell platform.
21 October 2019

3D mammograms could improve breast cancer screening

Sydney researchers have evaluated the effectiveness of advanced mammography technology, finding improvements for breast cancer detection but cautioning it's too soon to tell if it will lead to better health outcomes.
18 October 2019

Can consciousness and free will help us compete with robots?

It is hard to predict whether we will eventually be masters of, or slaves to, artificial intelligence. Sydney Law School's Dr Allan McCay argues that robots will remain our inferiors until they can compare 'apples' and 'oranges' like we can.