15 May 2020

Lock up your pet cat, it's a killing machine

Roaming pet cats kill 390 million animals per year in Australia, including reptiles, birds and mammals. That's an average of 186 animals, mostly native species, per roaming domestic cat each year.
15 May 2020

What if: Australia, a land of missed opportunity

Let's imagine that in 1770, Captain James Cook acknowledges that there were people living on this continent, and instead of citing terra nullius, his recommendation was to negotiate with those people? Percy Knight explains.
14 May 2020

The future of recycling: 4 experts explain

The NSW Government recently conducted a survey on recycling and plastic waste. Ahead of its findings, to be released later this year, four academics comment on research into recycling and the development of advanced waste conversion technologies.
14 May 2020

Chau Chak Wing Museum announces opening exhibitions

The University of Sydney has released details of seven exhibitions that will launch when Australia's newest museum opens its doors in November.
14 May 2020

Astronomers find regular rhythms among pulsating stars

An Australian-led team has solved the mystery of how some rapidly rotating young stars pulsate. Delta Scuti stars can now be studied in more detail thanks to the work of Professor Tim Bedding and colleagues.
13 May 2020

Modelling shows path to suicide prevention in covid-recovery

New modelling released today by the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre combines productivity and suicide data, demonstrating the benefits of acting urgently and effectively to flatten the mental health 'curve'.

13 May 2020

Graduates shaping the world: Alumni Awards winners 2020

Meet the 2020 Alumni Award winners who are dedicated to helping others and driving positive change everywhere.
12 May 2020

Jack Mundey's legacy: union leader and environmental activist

Union leader Jack Mundey AO passed away this week at the age of 90. Sydney academics reflect on his legacy and impact on urban environmentalism, the trade union movement and Australian society.
12 May 2020

Honours duo launch tutoring platform for HSC students during COVID-19

With HSC students facing unprecedented challenges, two University of Sydney Honours students have drawn on their own recent HSC experiences and launched an online platform to support Year 12s during their final year.
11 May 2020

STEM classes taught by teachers outside of their field of expertise

A significant number of Year 10 students across Australia are taught science, technology, engineering or mathematics by an under-qualified teacher, groundbreaking research reveals.