24 June 2020

Measles origin finding could inform COVID-19 research

New research shows that measles likely emerged in humans about 6000 BCE. Professor Simon Ho has written a companion article in Science on what we can learn from this research about the emergence of other zoonotic diseases, such as COVID-19.
23 June 2020

Virtual and augmented realities: six thorny questions you need to ask

A vast literature review of the ethics of virtual and augmented reality technologies has revealed dilemmas across six key areas.
23 June 2020

Students win hackathon for plan to help SMEs post-COVID-19 recovery

Business and arts students have won first place in the Australia/New Zealand regional competition of Call for Code, working with IBM to plan a one-stop-shop to help small and medium-sized enterprises recover from COVID-19.
22 June 2020

Expert witness bias largely unchecked in Australian courts

Transforming procedure is a way to enhance objectivity in our courts, new research shows. Led by Dr Jason Chin, it also explores the failings of the legal system status quo with regard to expert witnesses.
22 June 2020

Meet the students who are engineering with impact

Bushfire sensing drones, lightning fast computations and hydrogen technology: meet the University of Sydney engineering PhD candidates who are responding to modern issues with skill and ingenuity.
22 June 2020

From HAL 9000 to Westworld’s Dolores: the pop culture robots that influenced smart voice assistants

Two media scholars analysed how Siri, Alexa and other smart voice assistants got their distinctive voices. Their work reveals the consequences of this on consumers, and ultimately, society at large.
21 June 2020

University of Sydney students fire up rapid PPE prototyping

A student team has created a prototype of a reusable face shield, demonstrating how to turn university resources into a rapid manufacturing solution to respond to medical emergencies, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

19 June 2020

Why should universities pay attention to the SDGs?

The United Nations' goals provide a useful framework for institutions to demonstrate their impact and work in partnership, says DVCR Professor Duncan Ivison.
19 June 2020

Popular doesn't mean influential among Cambodian farmers

Does being popular make a person influential? Not always. A social network analysis by Sydney researchers found that less popular farmers in Cambodia were in fact more influential than their more popular peers.
18 June 2020

Why Pokémon Go's plan to 3D-scan the world is dangerous

Marcus Carter and Ben Egliston canvass the implications of gaming companies harvesting users' data - including their real-world surroundings - for profit.