12 June 2020

Could we run out of sand? Scientists adjust how grains are measured

Not all sand is the same, but scientists have been using one model to measure how all sand flows. Geoscientists have now developed new mathematical equations that will help engineers manage coastline susceptible to the effects of climate change.
11 June 2020

Essential components of dietary restriction revealed

New research provides insights into the roles of essential amino acids in metabolic health.
11 June 2020

Why our hearts fail: new research

Australian researchers have made several new heart failure discoveries in an innovative world-first project examining cryo-preserved human hearts, procured after transplantation, in the Sydney Heart Bank.
11 June 2020

A post-pandemic world: will populations be on the move?

Could the world soon be on the move again in the wake of COVID-19? Theoretical modelling by the University of Sydney's Centre for Complex Systems has shown that populations typically disperse following major global crises, including contagions.
10 June 2020

Vale Peter Weiss AO

It is with great sadness that we record the passing of alumnus Peter Weiss AO, who died at home over the weekend, aged 84.
10 June 2020

Shaping a world class architecture program

Three leading architectural practitioners with diverse professional backgrounds have been appointed by the School of Architecture, Design and Planning. These appointments will contribute to, and further shape, one of Australia's most exciting architecture programs.
10 June 2020

Double win for employability program for international students

The University of Sydney Business School's employability program, Job Smart, has been recognised as one of the best in the world.
10 June 2020

Our commitment to gender equity during COVID-19

Understanding the COVID-19 crisis poses specific challenges for gender equity in higher education, the University has committed to action so we can continue to build on our significant progress to date.
10 June 2020

For successful COVID-19 treatments, pharmacological benchmarks are crucial: international statement

An international group of leading pharmacologists is urging researchers to adopt drug development advice to ensure the result is safe for clinical use.
10 June 2020

Sydney ranked in world's top 40 universities

The University of Sydney continues to excel in the QS World University Rankings, established in 2004.