27 August 2020

Sydney experts explain what we can do to close the gender pay gap

28 August was Equal Pay Day, marking the 59 extra days from the end of the financial year that women have to work to earn the same annual average wage as men. So what is the gender pay gap and how might we close it? Sydney experts explain.

27 August 2020

Student entrepreneurs design solutions to real-world problems

University supports student entrepreneurs to take their big idea to the next level.
27 August 2020

Blurring the boundaries between art and architecture

Artist Chris Fox, today unveiled a new large-scale sculpture, Interchange Pavilion, in South Eveleigh's reimagined Village Square inspired by the site's industrious heritage and history of the area.
26 August 2020

'The love hormone' - a new treatment for addiction?

Human trials are set to begin in early 2021 on a promising new drug which could treat alcohol and opioid addiction.
26 August 2020

University of Sydney commits to climate action, sustainability

Australia's first university has joined a growing body of institutions highlighting the importance of sustainability and committed to ambitious new targets as part of its new sustainability strategy and climate statement. 

25 August 2020

COVID-19 disrupting clinical trials, changing ‘essential’ cancer treatments

Suspended research and testing, the rise of telehealth, and new economic considerations are among the effects of COVID-19 on cancer care in Australia and the US.
24 August 2020

Algorithms workers can't see are increasingly pulling the management strings

Handing management to algorithms creates 'black-box bosses' whose decision-making is hard to understand or question, writes Dr Alex Veen with co-authors in The Conversation.
21 August 2020

Apple, Google and Fortnite's stoush is a big tech arm wrestle

There has been a clash of clans in mobile gaming, with angry birds Apple, Google and Epic Games in a saga over in-app payments. Dr Marcus Carter and Dr Kyle Moore, our Fortnite experts, explain why.
21 August 2020

Five Young Tall Poppy Science Award winners

The Young Tall Poppy Science Awards recognise scientific research excellence and public outreach in early career researchers.
20 August 2020

Teaching the joy of learning

As she describes it, Associate Professor Marian Vidal-Fernandez is not your typical academic. Her career in academia was not by design, but one she fell into.