19 January 2021

What's the most effective way to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine?

Researchers compared different vaccines and vaccination strategies using game theory and network analysis, arriving at several scenarios which could be used to influence vaccine policy in Australia and globally.
19 January 2021

19th century start-ups

A photographic exhibition at the new Chau Chak Wing Museum draws on the University's historic photography collection to delve into the heyday of commercial studio photography.
19 January 2021

Bzzz, slap! How to treat insect bites

Top tips on how to treat insect bites (home remedies included) by University of Sydney expert Dr Cameron Webb.
19 January 2021

New method to assist fast-tracking of vaccines for pre-clinical tests

With COVID-19 dominating medical science and human concern, our chemists have developed a method to quickly and safely synthesise protein vaccines for respiratory diseases for pre-clinical tests.
19 January 2021

Why you should desex your cat before puberty

New research finds Australia is doing well in the desexing arena. But the age of desexing needs to be brought forward from six months to four months to close a "pregnancy gap" and prevent unwanted litters of kittens.