25 May 2021

CUAVA training centre wins NSW funding for space industry pilot

Led by Professor Iver Cairns from Physics, CUAVA wins state government funding for NSW space qualification program, with project named 'Waratah Seed'.
25 May 2021

Milky Way no freak accident, astronomers say

Detailed study by University of Sydney astronomers of a galaxy 320 million light years away reveals striking similarities to our own home.
25 May 2021

Legal duo receive honorary doctorates

A former Federal Court judge and a former Commonwealth Solicitor-General - who are also wife and husband - have been honoured by their alma mater, the University of Sydney.
24 May 2021

Students create platform to report sexual harassment, bullying in law firms

A group of students at the University of Sydney have developed Confidant - an online platform where users can anonymously report and seek redress and support for bullying and sexual harassment in law firms.
24 May 2021

Sydney Nano delivers high-speed smart sensing for Australian Defence

Professor Ben Eggleton's team at Project Jericho combined scientific skills from the School of Physics with design excellence from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning to develop the prototype in just three months.
21 May 2021

University launches ARC DARE Centre

Bringing together industry and government, as well as data scientists, geoscientists, hydrologists, and ecologists from across Australia, DARE is the first cohort-based data science PhD training program in Australia.
20 May 2021

Arts philanthropist awarded honorary doctorate

Nelson Meers, a leading advocate of Australian cultural life and arts organisations, has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Sydney.
20 May 2021

NAPLAN 2022: students should come first

University of Sydney, UNSW, and other education researchers argue that current standardised school tests aren't fit for purpose, and propose a systemic assessment overhaul.
20 May 2021

'Alien' plants could pose risk to fruit bats

Due to habitat destruction, the Christmas Island flying fox feeds on both native and introduced plants. Yet native plants provide a more balanced diet for this critically endangered species - and their new meal makeup could pose another threat to their survival.
19 May 2021

University launches education facilities in Westmead Hospital Block K

NSW Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education Dr Geoff Lee joined the University of Sydney in celebrating the launch of dedicated teaching spaces in the new Central Acute Services Building known as Westmead Hospital's Block K.