16 July 2021

Chinese investment in Australia consolidates to pre-mining boom levels

Chinese investment in Australia fell in value and number for the calendar year 2020 from the previous year. Investment value was down 26.8 percent to $2.5 billion from $3.4 billion in 2019, the lowest level since 2007, according to a new report by the University of Sydney and KPMG.
16 July 2021

Study challenges overheating risk for pregnant women exercising in the heat

Pregnant women are at no greater risk of dangerous 'overheating' when exercising in hot weather compared to non-pregnant women, according to a world-first Australian study.
15 July 2021

Far more social distancing needed to control Sydney outbreak

For Sydney to see a sufficient drop in COVID-19 case numbers after one month, social distancing must be observed by over 80 percent of people, a model published today by Professor Mikhail Prokopenko reveals.
15 July 2021

You can help identify what’s killing lorikeets

Lorikeets in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland are becoming paralysed, often resulting in death. Scientists are beginning to discover why - but need your help.
15 July 2021

Tokyo 2021: our experts on the Games and the impact of COVID-19

Tokyo 2021 will be unusual in many ways. Sydney researchers discuss the COVID-19 Games, and why the Olympics (mostly) go on, even in the toughest of circumstances.
14 July 2021

Defence awards engineers $2m extension funding

Thanks to $2million in funding awarded by the Department of Defence, Sydney researchers will co-lead a truly global R&D collaboration, involving nine universities, on frontier materials science challenges in advanced manufacturing.
13 July 2021

Scientists help solve insulin puzzle

Researchers have identified a cell communication pathway that controls cell growth and survival, and the finding could eventually help to develop treatments for diseases such as cancer and diabetes.
10 July 2021

Fancy footwork, butting heads: 5 experts talk UEFA

On Monday morning, the UEFA Euro 2020 will see soccer heavyweights, England and Italy, go head-to-head with hundreds of millions tuning in. Experts discuss the grand final, sports science and soccer's role in culture and society.
09 July 2021

Research leaders recognised with Australian Laureate Fellowships

University of Sydney researchers have been awarded $9.5 million to conduct ground-breaking research as part of the Australian Research Council's (ARC) 2021 Australian Laureate Fellowship scheme.
08 July 2021

How children can help Aboriginal Elders during lockdown

Mutual caring between Kinship and foster carers and the children in their custody emerged as a silver lining during last year's lockdown, a new report finds.