05 July 2021

Right at your fingertips: researcher creating digital touch

Engineer and Internet of Things expert, Dr Zhanwei Hou is developing an ultra-fast communication method to facilitate Tactile Internet, a technology which he hopes will one day allow users to experience touch over the internet.
02 July 2021

Aboriginal health care from an Aboriginal doctor

Dr Robert Blackley has committed his whole life to helping make things better for Aboriginal people. Having recently graduated from Sydney Medical School at the age of 43, he's only just getting started.

02 July 2021

Soil, carbon sequestration and the fight against climate change

The fight against climate change has never been more important. Professor Budiman Minasny is exploring how soil can be a sustainable and potentially powerful tool to combat the effects of global warming.

01 July 2021

How to be mindful of mental health during lockdown

Keeping your mental health in check during lockdown can be difficult. Our experts from the Body, Heart and Mind in Business Research Group explain how you can safeguard your mental health and wellbeing at work.
01 July 2021

Sydney researchers awarded $22 million for medical research

The University of Sydney has received funding for 14 projects from the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) to improve health outcomes for Australians.
01 July 2021

With research, communities should lead and academics follow

Historically, research was done 'on' communities. A new generation of researchers seeks to reverse this harmful practice. They say the goals of a newer, more beneficial method - community-led research - will only be fulfilled when communities take the research reins.