09 September 2021

Your child's well-being must come first: 5 lockdown tips

Social and emotional well-being is the greatest cost of lockdowns, for both students and parents, writes Dr Nikki Brunker in Education. Schools are supporting students, and we can look for glimmers of hope in supporting our children respond to challenges.
09 September 2021

Principles for reopening Australia

A taskforce comprised of high-profile leaders convened by the University of Sydney offers six principles to guide the way to an open, democratic and unified society as part of Australia's pandemic response.
09 September 2021

10 University of Sydney alumni recognised for impact on the global stage

Four category award winners and ten finalists, the 2021 Advance Awards have recognised the extraordinary impact of some of our most remarkable global alumni.

09 September 2021

Butterflies feed on live young to steal chemicals for 'wedding gifts'

For the first time, milkweed butterflies have been sighted feeding on live caterpillars - their own species' young. Researchers suggest they do this to increase their supply of mating pheromones.