23 December 2021

The effects of the Spanish Inquisition linger to this day

Two hundred years after its abolition, the Spanish Inquisition leaves a stain. The locations in which it was strong have markedly lower levels of economic activity, trust and educational attainment, write Dr Jordi Vidal-Robert and colleagues.
23 December 2021

Your daily medications could put you at greater risk of sunburn

With summer holidays underway, it's time to think about the sun and your skin, say researchers from the Sydney Pharmacy School.
22 December 2021

How our experts shaped the COVID-19 response

Perhaps more than ever before, 2021 saw an increased demand for our researchers' expertise. Governments, industry, and the public were hungry for a better understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the way forward.
21 December 2021

Stories that challenged our thinking in 2021

Although COVID-19 again dominated the headlines this year, our people continued to test our preconceptions across a range of areas.
21 December 2021

How we walk could impact future arthritis

A new study suggests a person's walking style that places more pressure on the hips and knees can contribute to future osteoarthritis. Researchers say the key is to find and catch these habits 'in the act' early on.
20 December 2021

Eight blockbuster films to see this summer

COVID-19-delayed blockbuster films are now being released over the holiday season. Associate Professor Bruce Isaacs, senior lecturer in Film Studies, gives us his personal recommendations and hot tips for 2022.
20 December 2021

26 books you should read this summer

What will you be reading this summer break? Our experts share their favourite reads from 2021. These are the books they couldn't put down, the unexpected comforts during the pandemic, the deep fascinating reads late at night and the much-loved books they reread.
20 December 2021

Hot housing market puts renters off having more kids

Based on data from a nearly 20-year period, University of Sydney research shows Australian renters are less likely to want and have more children when the property market booms. The opposite is true for home owners.
17 December 2021

Professor Barry Webb AM awarded honorary Doctor of Engineering

The renowned lighting engineer has been recognised for his professional excellence, commitment to nurturing the next generation of engineers and contribution to the wider community.
17 December 2021

One-of-a-kind manikin used to track COVID-19 within indoor spaces

University of Sydney researchers are using a breathing, life-sized anatomical human model to investigate airborne transmission of COVID-19, raising questions about how we return to the 'new normal' inside buildings.