01 June 2022

Doctor of Letters awarded to Professor Emerita Margaret Harris

Margaret Harris, a long-standing member of the University community, was recently admitted into the degree of Doctor of Letters (honoris causa) for her outstanding contribution to the arts, both in Australia and internationally.
01 June 2022

Research to improve the lives of children with juvenile arthritis

Most people have never heard the word 'arthritis' associated with youth, yet juvenile arthritis is as common in children as Type 1 diabetes. New research aims to give families the evidence, services and support they need to navigate this difficult condition.
01 June 2022

Fatal attraction: when animals' mating signals beckon predators

Enticing sex is a risky business for animals - but to differing degrees. Those that use calls or pheromones to attract mates are in far greater danger from predators than those using visual displays.
01 June 2022

Charles Badham: a champion of accessible education

Some of our most enduring lessons as a university come from those who served us during our founding years. Their steadfast dedication and vision continue to guide us as a university for all.