14 June 2024

Crafting Influence: Pasha Grozdov's blueprint for content creation success

Pasha's journey challenges the notion of easy content creation money, highlighting the expertise and effort behind his success. His story underscores the transformative power of technology in global discourse and serves as inspiration for aspiring creators, urging them to embrace unique narratives for deeper audience connections.
13 June 2024

The new power and politics of comedy

Dr Benjamin Nickl, a humour expert from the School of Languages and Cultures, and his co-author Dr Mark Rolfe, Honorary Lecturer at UNSW, discuss the politicisation of comedy in the new academic book The Moral Dimensions of Humour.
13 June 2024

Low-cost tech program supports healthcare in Africa

A program to sustainably deliver medical education in three African countries is proving to be a hit among doctors thanks to low-cost technologies and student volunteers.
11 June 2024

Is age verification for pornography access reliable? Research suggests no

A new study by Professor Alan McKee and Dr Zahra Stardust (QUT) suggests that age assurance technologies restricting access to pornography are unreliable and ineffective, and that there are better, evidence-based alternatives to facilitate access to diverse and healthy representations of sexuality online.
10 June 2024

Celebrating alumni and staff recognised with 2024 King's Birthday Honours

The University of Sydney congratulates all members of its community recognised in the 2024 King's Birthday Honours List, including Professor Karen Canfell AC, Professor Thomas Maschmeyer AO, Professor Don Nutbeam AO, and Professor Helen Reddel AM.
07 June 2024

The Dispossessed at 50: Ursula K. Le Guin's anarchist utopia endures

Dr Alexander Howard, Senior Lecturer in English, discusses the enduring political power of Ursula K. Le Guin's groundbreaking science-fiction novel, The Dispossessed.
07 June 2024

How the Blade Runner soundtrack uses electronic music to explore humanity

Dr Alison Cole, a leading expert on film scores and lecturer in Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, analyses Vangelis' innovative use of electronic music to capture emotion and translate the complexities of the human condition, 30 years on from the release of the 1982 Blade Runner soundtrack.
07 June 2024

Sexual harassment rife in retail work

The peak bodies representing retailers and workers are calling on the industry to address the scourge of sexual harassment, in light of new research.
06 June 2024

Sydney Con composer Paul Mac creates a magical musical ride on Sydney trains

In an Australian first, composer-producer Paul Mac is paying tribute to Sydney's suburban railway system in a project that sees two Sydney train routes turned into a mobile electronic music and light experience: Tekno Train.
05 June 2024

'Junk science' in Australian courts threatens to cause wrongful convictions

The conviction of Robert Farquharson for the murder of his three sons is under intense scrutiny due to doubts about the prosecution's evidence. This case highlights the crisis in handling expert opinion evidence in Australian courts, which often ignore top scientific advice. Professor David Hamer from the Sydney Law School examines the system's susceptibility to "junk science."