05 June 2024

Slow-spinning radio neutron star breaks all the rules

Australian scientists from the University of Sydney and Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, have detected what is likely a neutron star spinning slower than any other ever measured.
05 June 2024

Seven new shows at the Chau Chak Wing Museum

As the University of Sydney's Chau Chak Wing Museum farewells the Biennale of Sydney, it's thrilled to announce a suite of new exhibitions opening in the second half of 2024.
05 June 2024

Sydney now 18th globally in QS World University Rankings

The University of Sydney has secured its highest ever ranking overall and continues to be rated as a top 20 global university in the 2025 QS World University Rankings.
05 June 2024

Australian photographer Rosemary Laing remembered for her sensuous yet unsettling images

Associate Professor Donna Brett, Chair of Art History, pays tribute to Australian photographer Rosemary Laing, remembering her ground-breaking work in the art form, and her unique ability to "make us look".
04 June 2024

Black drivers in Chicago more likely to be stopped by police than ticketed by a camera

Researchers from the University of Sydney, Cornell University, Rutgers and the University of Illinois, Chicago has found Black drivers in Chicago have a disproportionately higher likelihood of being stopped by police than being ticketed by a traffic camera.
03 June 2024

The joke's on us - how AI is replicating our laughter online

In an era in which we are increasingly reliant on digital devices and services, laughter can be a potent form of stress and frustration relief, and the tech industry knows it. But can AI genuinely emote a sense of humour, asks Dr Benjamin Nickl from the School of Languages and Cultures.
03 June 2024

New Disney documentary, The Beach Boys, tells the band's story - but not the whole story

Dr Jadey O'Regan, lecturer in Contemporary Music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, closely examines the new Disney documentary, The Beach Boys, and finds it moving but ultimately lacking in its coverage of the more complex and difficult parts of the band's journey.
31 May 2024

Vivid Sydney's future seems bright, but challenges abound

Vivid Sydney is a globally recognised celebration of light, music and ideas, with each annual program delivering a bigger and brighter range of diverse content that continues to delight audiences. Yet the success of such a massive festival comes with challenges, writes Associate Professor Emrah Baki Ulas from the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning.
31 May 2024

Donald Trump verdict: experts explain

University of Sydney experts offer opinions on the guilty verdict for Donald Trump, who is now the first US President, serving or former, to have been convicted of a crime.
31 May 2024

Sydney researchers find differences in ovarian cancer risk factors by background

Researchers conducted an international study of more than 11,000 ovarian cancer cases found selected ovarian cancer risk factors vary for women of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.