06 February 2024

Why do we have single sex schools?

Tradition and retrograde ideas about social interactions between boys and girls still inform discussions around co-educational versus single-sex schooling, write University of Sydney authors for The Conversation.
05 February 2024

Fulbright scholars awarded at Sydney

Five University of Sydney academics and alumni will travel to the United States as part of the Fulbright Scholarship Program. The University will host an academic as part of the exchange.
05 February 2024

Optimism key to greening the global financial system

The transition away from fossil fuels requires a significant and global shift towards sustainable investment, and institutional investors are key.
05 February 2024

Sticking with sport during school years linked to academic success

As school and summer sports resume, a new study from the University of Sydney finds links between kids' long-term participation in sport and increased academic performance, including impacts on NAPLAN scores, absenteeism and likelihood to attend university.
02 February 2024

Scammed by 'fake news': animals led by the nose to leave plants alone

Loss of plants to herbivore feeding is a big economic and environmental problem. Most methods to deal with this are unethical, expensive or limited. PhD student Patt Finnerty has developed a new method that relies on animal preferences