12 July 2024

Australian Olympic team 2024: University sport stars head to Paris

On the Australian Olympic team for 2024 are elite athletes from the University community, including students balancing sport with study.
12 July 2024

Identity and resilience: Aboriginal performers have been celebrating NAIDOC since 1959

Dr Laura Case, Lecturer in Musicology and Dr Amanda Harris, ARC Future Fellow from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music revisit the history of the thriving Indigenous music scene during NAIDOC week.
12 July 2024

Why real wages have fallen in Australia but risen in most other OECD countries

A changing workforce and the shift to enterprise bargaining have held back real wage growth, writes Professor John Buchanan.
09 July 2024

Dracula: a virtuosic performance, sexy staging, and a queer rewriting

Associate Professor Huw Griffiths, in English Literature, reviews Dracula, the final instalment in Kip Williams' gothic trilogy and the last production during his tenure as Artistic Director of the Sydney Theatre Company.
09 July 2024

New research shows life in ancient Saudi Arabia was complex and thriving

A team of researchers led by Jane McMahon from the Discipline of Archaeology find new evidence that shifts the perception of how people lived in north-western Saudi Arabia during the Neolithic period.
09 July 2024

How often should you really weigh yourself?

When and how often you should weigh yourself is a long debated topic. Writing for The Conversation, leading obesity researcher Dr Nick Fuller shares how you can use the scales to enhance your health and wellbeing.

09 July 2024

Pasha Grozdov’s masterclass in digital influence

Pasha Grozdov has built a dream career as a full-time content creator in New York City. He shares insights on standing out in the algorithm with the Sydney Alumni Community Network.
09 July 2024

The most realistic way to replace Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate

Allowing a graceful exit could be the most realistic way to replace Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential nominee, writes Lester Munson, Non-Resident Fellow at the University's United States Studies Centre.

09 July 2024

You’re a Liberal and You Don’t Even Know It

A new book, reviewed by The New York Times and The Washington Post, by University of Sydney Professor Alexandre Lefebvre investigates how liberalism profoundly shapes our values, beliefs, and daily lives. In Liberalism as a Way of Life, he argues that liberalism informs our moral, psychological, and aesthetic outlooks, and can be the basis for a good, fun, and rewarding way of living.
08 July 2024

Graduates have new expectations of a modern workforce

A new report reveals graduate workers value flexibility, and are prepared to commit long-term to an employer who meets their needs.