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31 March 2020

Global alliance commits to welfare of "bewildered and anxious" students

The Chair of the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education, Professor Greg Whitwell, says the international network of business schools will do its best to safeguard students and help them to graduate in what he describes as "dark times".
20 March 2020

COVID-19 risk on public transport: What we can learn from overseas

Australia can learn from how other countries are reducing the spread of the virus on public transport, writes Dr Yale Zhuxiao Wong
19 March 2020

Climate change research recognised internationally for social impact

A first-of-its-kind analysis of the corporate sector's response to climate change by a leading Professor of Organisational Studies, Christopher Wright, has been ranked among the world's most socially impactful pieces of business-related research.
16 March 2020

Private schools don't save taxpayers' dollars

Education researchers from three Australian universities have crunched government numbers, and countered an oft-held belief in the process.
06 March 2020

Why we need to undo gender stereotypes for the future of work

When Professor Judy Wajcman was visiting the U.S. in 2018 to research Silicon Valley culture, this was one of the first questions she was asked.
18 February 2020

Sydney graduates launch face mask to protect against air pollution

With the help of the Sydney Genesis startup program, University of Sydney graduates Elias and Isaac Honor have this month launched an innovative new face mask to protect against air pollution.
07 February 2020

Should Australia ban petrol cars?

Britain has announced it will ban petrol and hybrid cars by 2035. University of Sydney experts comment on whether Australia can and should adopt a similar policy.
28 January 2020

China in 2020 - what can we expect?

Last Saturday 25 January was Chinese New Year. As we move into the year of the rat, experts at the University of Sydney share their thoughts on what we can expect from China in 2020.
15 January 2020

Business School achieves 'triple crown' with AMBA accreditation

The University of Sydney Business School has cemented its place among the world's leading providers of business education with accreditation from AMBA, a leading authority on postgraduate management studies.
08 January 2020

Black Saturday firefighters want you to listen, not call them 'heroes'

In commemorating firefighters as heroes, we can fall into the danger of overstating their ability to control fires, absolving ourselves of responsibility, write Professor Leanne Cutcher and Dr Graham Dwyer.