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12 July 2024

Why real wages have fallen in Australia but risen in most other OECD countries

A changing workforce and the shift to enterprise bargaining have held back real wage growth, writes Professor John Buchanan.
08 July 2024

Graduates have new expectations of a modern workforce

A new report reveals graduate workers value flexibility, and are prepared to commit long-term to an employer who meets their needs.
03 July 2024

Researchers unlock 'materials genome', opening possibilities for next-generation design

A new microscopy method has allowed researchers to detect tiny changes in the atomic-level architecture of crystalline materials like advanced steels for ship hulls and custom silicon for electronics. It could advance our ability to understand the fundamental origins of materials properties and behaviour.
24 June 2024

Indigenous-owned businesses level up

The first students of the flagship program for Indigenous business owners have graduated with a supplier microcredential and a new network of mentors and peers.
18 June 2024

Tight-knit communities can prevent environmental progress

New research indicates that strong community bonds could hinder rather than help environmental initiatives.
07 June 2024

Sexual harassment rife in retail work

The peak bodies representing retailers and workers are calling on the industry to address the scourge of sexual harassment, in light of new research.
03 June 2024

The joke's on us - how AI is replicating our laughter online

In an era in which we are increasingly reliant on digital devices and services, laughter can be a potent form of stress and frustration relief, and the tech industry knows it. But can AI genuinely emote a sense of humour, asks Dr Benjamin Nickl from the School of Languages and Cultures.
30 May 2024

Generous perks equals happy workers? Not always. Here's what employees really want

Benefits need to meet three criteria to be most effective at attracting and retaining employees, writes Associate Professor Sunghoon Kim for The Conversation.
26 May 2024

A guide to unconventional send-offs

If you want to be buried on your own land or donate your body to science, it's important to understand the regulations in your state and make your intentions known to your next of kin, writes Professor Sandra van der Laan for The Conversation.
20 May 2024

ChatGPT is now better than ever at faking human emotion and behaviour

As AI becomes more adept at mimicking human emotion, the risk of users forming deep emotional attachments could lead to over-reliance, manipulation and even harm, writes Dr Marcel Scharth for The Conversation.