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19 July 2024

How science can help combat jet lag

A new, evidence-based lighting design on Qantas's A350 aircraft could reduce passengers' jetlag by aligning their body clocks to their destination's time zone while still flying. The unique design is the result of a partnership between University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre, Qantas and Caon Design Office.
15 July 2024

How small lifestyle changes can improve teen mental health over time

A new study has revealed compelling evidence that small improvements in daily lifestyle choices can lead to improvements in high school students mental health. PhD student Scarlett Smout from the Matilda Centre writes about the results.
12 July 2024

Australian Olympic team 2024: University sport stars head to Paris

On the Australian Olympic team for 2024 are elite athletes from the University community, including students balancing sport with study.
03 July 2024

Researchers develop new transparent 'blood vessel-on-a-chip'

Researchers have developed a 'blood vessel-on-a-chip' for heart disease with the potential to change the future of drug testing and development. The technology could also reduce our reliance on animal testing.
27 June 2024

Psylo partnership to deliver psychedelic treatments for mental health

University research expertise combined with Psylo's artificial intelligence platform promises life-changing therapeutics.
26 June 2024

Promising pathway discovered to treat rare childhood brain disease

Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome is a rare disease that can trigger dementia in children. Associate Professor Markus Hofer and colleagues in the UK are focusing on treatments in the blood vessels in the brain to combat AGS.
26 June 2024

ARC invests in research partnerships with industry

The Australian Research Council has awarded $5.15 million to industry projects at the University, along with funding for an Industrial Transformation Training Centre to prepare leaders of Australia's future quantum computing industry
25 June 2024

Beyond CRISPR: seekRNA delivers a new pathway for accurate gene editing

Patented method developed in the laboratory of Dr Sandro Ataide promises to accelerate the potential of genetic engineering already shown by CRISPR gene-editing technology.
25 June 2024

What is streptococcal toxic shock syndrome?

Reports of streptococcal toxic shock syndrome are on the rise in Japan. Dr Phoebe Williams from the Sydney Infectious Disease Institute and co-authors write about what you need to know about the rare but serious bacterial illness.
25 June 2024

No more recreational vaping for Australians. What next?

Access to vapes will be further restricted, with a vape sales ban set to pass parliament. From October, vapes will be sold over the counter at pharmacies. Associate Professor Becky Freeman from the Charles Perkins Centre writes about the public health implications.