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An abstract image of nerve cells.

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10 July 2020

Genetic 'fingerprints' of first COVID-19 cases help manage pandemic

Genomic data from COVID-19 cases in the first 10 weeks of Australia's outbreak proved vital to understanding the trajectory of the disease and has an important role to play moving forward.
08 July 2020

Numerous jobs linked to increased risk of knee osteoarthritis

A major review of knee osteoarthritis (OA) - which is a leading cause of job loss and disability - reveals widespread risk of OA, demonstrating the need for a systemic approach to prevention outside of traditional workplaces.

08 July 2020

AI medical research projects receive $7.1 million funding

The University of Sydney has been awarded more than $7 million federal funding for research projects harnessing AI to diagnose and treat neurological and mental health disorders.
06 July 2020

Researchers explore new synthetic gel for eye injury

An international team of researchers is pioneering a potentially sight-saving alternative to current treatments for injury or infection of the cornea, a common cause of blindness.
06 July 2020

Meet 5 of Australia's most innovative engineers

Each year Engineers Australia selects the country's most inventive and forward-thinking engineers. From biomedical 'tattoos' as sensory substitutes to reducing CO2 emissions from oil refineries, meet the five University of Sydney engineers who have been named Australia's most innovative.
03 July 2020

Compulsive internet use by teens linked to emotional issues: study

A new study has found internet addiction in teenagers leads to difficulty regulating emotions. However there was no evidence that pre-existing emotional issues are a predictor of obsessive internet use.
03 July 2020

Sydney researchers test tuberculosis vaccine combination for COVID-19

Sydney researchers are taking an innovative approach to designing potential COVID-19 vaccines - using a tuberculosis vaccine to deliver components of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Early results from pre-clinical testing in mice are promising.
02 July 2020

Has COVID-19 boosted interest in physical activity?

Have you searched online for 'home-based exercise' or 'high-intensity workout' recently? Turns out you're not the only one.
02 July 2020

‘Healthy’ snack foods big on marketing, small on nutrition

Confused by excessive buzzwords on your granola bar packaging? Nutrition researchers at the University of Sydney have found that is likely a deliberate ploy.
25 June 2020

Coronavirus or just a common cold? What to do when your child gets sick this winter

COVID-19 symptoms in kids resemble other respiratory infections - how do we know when to get our children tested? Associate Professor Nicholas Wood and Dr Philip Britton discuss.