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30 June 2022

'Long COVID' presents a major health challenge - how can Australia be prepared?

Triple vaccination seems to reduce the chance of long COVID - but we still need to prepare for a jump in cases, writes researchers at the University of Sydney.
14 June 2022

How should an Australian 'centre for disease control' prepare us for the next pandemic?

What should an Australian Centre for Disease Control look like? And how can it improve our response to future infectious disease outbreaks?
07 June 2022

1,037 Australians share priority policy issues for mental health

University of Sydney researchers surveyed Australians on their mental health experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing insights into what needs to change for an effective mental health system.
06 June 2022

How to complain about aged care and get the result you want

University of Sydney experts explain how you can raise issues with the relevant person or authority to improve care and support for you or your loved one.
03 June 2022

1.4 million Australians will die of cancer in the next 25 years unless governments act

New research shows that 1.45 million Australians will die of cancer over the 25-year period from 2020-2044 unless there are major investments in prevention, early detection and patient care.
02 June 2022

Screen time, alcohol & poor sleep for girls: how the pandemic impacts teens

The first study to comprehensively examine how young people's health behaviours changed over a two-year period encompassing the COVID-19 pandemic finds both pros and cons.
01 June 2022

Research to improve the lives of children with juvenile arthritis

Most people have never heard the word 'arthritis' associated with youth, yet juvenile arthritis is as common in children as Type 1 diabetes. New research aims to give families the evidence, services and support they need to navigate this difficult condition.
31 May 2022

Very high doses of cannabis component CBD don't affect driving

University of Sydney-led research finds that 1500mg, the highest daily medicinal dose of cannabidiol (CBD), has no impact on people's driving or cognitive abilities.
31 May 2022

How COVID-19 created dramatic changes in a 'winter virus'

A University of Sydney-led study reveals how the pandemic has changed the normal patterns of winter viruses in Australia, with new strains emerging and leaving most others 'extinct'. Researchers are warning of unexpected rebounds in the future.

24 May 2022

Sydney researchers secure over 12 million clinical trial funding

Six University of Sydney researchers have been awarded $12.36 million in funding for new health and medical research projects through the NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohorts Scheme.