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Meet The Solutionists

We’re at the crossroads of uncertainty and innovation.

From global warming to tech addiction, huge demographic shifts and geopolitical tensions – it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

But some incredible people are putting their minds toward solving the most pressing issues of our time. They’re working to make our world a better place to call home.

Join Mark Scott, Vice Chancellor and President at the University of Sydney, and get ready to meet the people making change happen.

The Solutionists.

Mark Scott 00:01

When I was a kid, my father would fire questions at us around the dinner table. Who knew what was happening in the news? What was our take on it? And there was always so much happening, and so much change, so many big ideas, so much to think about, so much to learn. I love the news. It gave me a front row seat to the world. And every day there was something new, I couldn't get enough. So it was almost inevitable that I ended up working in a newsroom. And that was a great place to work - there was never a dull moment. There was always something magical about the way that newspapers always started the day empty, but ended the day full. But you know, there's a lot happening beyond the headlines - big picture stuff, too. And I've swapped my front row seat for something even better. Now I have a backstage pass to the future.

I'm Mark Scott. I'm the Vice-Chancellor and President at the University of Sydney. And every day, I'm surrounded by people who are putting their minds to some of the greatest challenges that we're facing. They're looking at the tricky stuff, the big stuff that binds us and divides us, and how on earth we're going to fix it. You could say we're all in the solutions business.

We’re at the crossroads of uncertainty and innovation, and some gigantic hurdles stand between us, and the kind of future we dream about. What happens next will affect each and every one of us, as individuals, as societies, and as a global community. And the good news? Well, within all of these challenges lie the seeds of remarkable solutions. We're all living longer, so how do we ensure we're living? The climate is changing, so how do we drive action and stay safe in extreme heat?

Ollie Jay 01:51

Right now I go to turn up the temperature to 54 degrees Celsius.

Mark Scott 01:59

And AI? Well, AI might be changing the future as we speak. So how do we harness its possibility while also bringing out the best of humanity? It's all possible. Really, it is.

So join me on a journey into the most pressing issues of our time, and get ready to see them from a different perspective. You'll meet the intrepid explorers of new ideas who are changing the way we understand each other, and the world. Get ready to meet the people who make change happen.

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