New decade, new dynamic

8 January 2010

The University of Sydney begins the new decade with a fresh approach to community and our mission, and a determination to identify and cultivate the best minds, regardless of background or nationality.

As we kick off 2010 we open our doors to those with a passion for the arts, intellectual debate and fun, as the official inner-west hub for the Sydney Festival. More than a quarter of this year's Sydney Festival events are taking place at our venues including the Seymour Centre and celebrated 150-year-old Great Hall.

University artists, students and academics from fields as diverse as architecture, music and indigenous history are taking part and you can too.

  • Our Sydney Festival site has more information on the 2010-12 Sydney Festival collaboration, and discount ticket offers for student, staff and alumni.

The new decade also sees us focus on our mission.

Led by Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence, the University will continue the exciting new phase of strategic planning, building on our existing strengths, that began in 2009.

The new strategic plan will respond to a widespread appetite for constructive change expressed by the University community and will seek to position our institution for the next 30 years as we aim to create and sustain a university that will, for the benefit of both Australia and the wider world, maximise the potential of the brightest researchers and most promising students, whatever their social or cultural background.

As we move forward we do so with the trust of some of the highest achievers in NSW.

Based on early indications the University of Sydney anticipates attracting the majority of high-performing NSW school leavers in 2010 with particularly strong general demand in law, pharmacy, dentistry, education and social work, and science.

Courses offered by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the Sydney College of the Arts are also high in demand.

However with an eye to the future we are also driven to encourage university as a path for those who may struggle to get here.

In 2010 our Compass program - which aims to encourage primary and secondary school children from identified schools to aspire to higher education - is launching a new initiative. The 2010 'Word Up' program will draw volunteers from the student body to help deliver a volunteer reading-tutoring program to assist low progress readers in primary and high school.

Finally in 2010 we move forward with a new look. You will notice changes to the University of Sydney website as well as to our print and digital publications. Importantly while retaining the coat of arms our University logo has been refreshed, making it more modern while retaining our heritage.

Through these changes, we hope to communicate better the difference the University makes in the world, and tell more stories about the staff, students and alumni whose work impacts the lives of millions of people. Our people are our real asset - challenging, courageous and committed to critical thinking in 2010 and beyond.

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