2005 News archive

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December 2005
Farewell to some long serving staff   View Summary
20 December 2005
The end of 2005 will see some long serving members of the department moving on to face new challenges in the future.
Forging links with Taiwan   View Summary
11 December 2005
The University of Sydney and CYUT have recently signed a memorandum of understanding concerning a joint Masters program, in which CYUT students can study at USyd for 1 year during their masters course.
November 2005
Special Exhibition of "Bradfield's Bridge''   View Summary
29 November 2005
Rare drawings, plans, photos and papers on the planning and construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, are now showing in a new exhibition at the University's Rare Books Library, mounted largely from the personal collection of JJC Bradfield himself.
Engineering Alumnus Appointed Head of London's Olympic Development Authority   View Summary
28 November 2005
Civil Engineering graduate Mr. David Higgins has been appointed chief executive of London's Olympic Development Authority (ODA).
Partnership to unearth Chinese expeditions   View Summary
22 November 2005
Associate Professor Phil Mulhearn from the University's Ocean Technology Group (OTG) will work with Professor Zhang Shuying from the Shanghai Acoustics Laboratory (SAL) to search for remains of ships from the 15th century expeditions.
University of Sydney R & D Grants Scheme 2006 - Success to Dong Jeng and Gianluca Ranzi   View Summary
14 November 2005
We congratulate Dr Dong-Sheng Jeng and Dr Gianluca Ranzi for winning research grants as part of the internal University of Sydney Research & Developments Grant Scheme.
Vale Howard Harrison 1930-2005   View Summary
14 November 2005
The Department is saddened to announce that former Associate Professor Howard B Harrison passed away on 14 November 2005.
$788, 000 Discovery Grant to David Airey and John Carter   View Summary
9 November 2005
A successful ARC grant entitled Mechanics of dynamic loading and rapid penetration of soils.
Gianluca Ranzi awarded ARC Grant for Research into Composite Steel Concrete Beams   View Summary
9 November 2005
Dr Gianluca Ranzi and Dr Zora Vrcelj (from UNSW) have received an ARC Discovery Grant for Long Term Behaviour Of Composite Steel Concrete Beams And Its Effect On Composite Dynamic Response.
Linkage International Grant to Dr Dong-Sheng Jeng   View Summary
9 November 2005
New grant awarded for Progressive liquefaction within marine sediments.
Fresh water solutions   View Summary
1 November 2005
More than 40 groups of first-year engineering students competed against each other to build low-cost desalination devices using solar energy to produce fresh drinking water.
Australia's most inspiring young engineers announced   View Summary
1 November 2005
Three Sydney University graduates have been recognised by the Australian Institution of Engineers in a list of thirty of Australia's most inspiring young engineers published in their journal Engineers Australia.
August 2005
$50000 Major Equipment Grant - Wave-Current-Wind Flume   View Summary
30 August 2005
New Senior Lecturer, Dr Tim Finnigan, has just been awarded a $50000 major equipment grant.
June 2005
University of Sydney engineers in Top 100   View Summary
22 June 2005
University of Sydney staff and graduates feature prominently in the latest ranking of Australia's Top 100 Engineers.
May 2005
Harry Poulos to be Awarded the Kevin Nash Gold Medal in Geotechnics   View Summary
25 May 2005
A near full house of about 60 local engineers learn about various aspects of bolt technology.
Well done scholarship winners   View Summary
5 May 2005
Civil engineering students win scholarships to support their career development
Local Engineers Come to The University of Sydney   View Summary
3 May 2005
A near full house of about 60 local engineers learn about various aspects of bolt technology.
Former State Attorney General Lectures   View Summary
2 May 2005
Jeff Shaw will deliver a lecture to the class in CIVL4814 Project Planning and Tendering on OHS and Industrial Relations issues
January 2005
UAIs for Civil Engineering Announced   View Summary
19 January 2005
The small, but consistent increase in UAIs over recent years indicates greater interest in the engineering profession.