Workshop: Exploring and creating agent-based models with NetLogo

6 December 2011

Learn to use the popular NetLogo modelling environment with, none other than NetLogo's creator, Uri Wilenski of Northwestern University as your guide.

Brought to you by IISME and CoCo (the Centre for Research on Compouter Supported Learning and Cognition).

When:Tuesday, 6 December, 1-5pm
Where: Education Building (A35), Room 229
Register: Register online via the form below. Spaces are limited to 25 participants. Afternoon tea will be provided.

Description: In this workshop, you will have an introduction to creating agent-based models (ABM) of complex physical, biological, and social systems using NetLogo. The session will involve a mix of short lectures on ABMs and modeling as well as hands-on creating of ABMs using NetLogo.

Uri Wilensky is a Professor of Learning Sciences, Computer Science and Complex Systems at Northwestern University as well as the Founder and Director of the Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling. He in involved in designing, deploying and researching learning technologies—especially for mathematics and science education. Much of his work of late has focused on the design of computer-based modeling and simulation languages, including networked collaborative simulations for both education and science research. He is the author of the widely-used NetLogo agent-based modeling environment, the HubNet participatory simulation system and numerous STEM curricula. He has an abiding interest in the changing content of knowledge in the context of ubiquitous computation, as well as in complexity and systems thinking. He has published more than 200 papers and has received numerous grants from national and international foundations. In 1996 he received a Career Award from the National Science Foundation. He has also taught at MIT and Tufts universities in the US as well as a number of universities abroad. He is a founder and executive editor of the journal Technology, Knowledge and Learning.

Location: Room 229, Education Building A35

Cost: Free