Teacher Creativity workshop (pt 1) - ICLS linked session

2 July 2012
ICLS 2012
ICLS 2012

Seeking NSW mathematics and science secondary school teachers who are ready to make videos for their classes!

This workshop on video making will be held on Monday July 2nd at the University of Sydney. It especially emphasizes using teacher skills and creativity, and will provide hands-on instruction. The workshop will provide software and tablet computers and furnish instruction in producing videos for use in classrooms.

It will also explore potential long-term media collaborations between teachers and students in Australia, Africa and the USA. Depending on interests, additional instructional workshops may be held at individual schools during the week of 3 July. Secondary school students, with parent permission, are welcome both on 2 July and at any workshops later in the week at their own schools. Equipment will be furnished for the workshop; teachers bringing laptop computers will be furnished with professional video editing software for use during and after the workshop. There is no cost for participating.

Who should participate?

  • Teachers and students new to authoring instructional media who are interested in learning how to make instructional videos to help convey mathematics and science ideas to their students.
  • Teachers and students experienced in authoring instructional videos who are interested in sharing videos that they have created.
  • Educators interested in discussing how professional roles can change in an era of user-generated content.

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The Institute for Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education at the University of Sydney
The Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo) in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney
Lesotho College of Education
Pepperdine University, USA, through support from the US National Science Foundation

This is the first part of a two-part workshop. You do not need to attend both sessions. The first session, on Monday afternoon, July 2, will involve a hands-on process of engaging student-teacher teams in the creation of interactive digital media. The workshop will provide software and tablet computers and furnish instruction in producing videos for use in classrooms. High school student-teacher teams and other practitioners, especially from Sydney area schools are invited without cost to this portion of the workshop. ICLS researchers are welcome to register, observe and/or to participate in this portion of the workshop.

The second session, which builds on this first part, is an official part of the ICLS program, and those attending must also register for the conference and pay a fee.

(The first 8 people to register will recieve free places, please contact for more details.)

Time: 2.00pm -5.00pm

Location: Room 419, Education Building A35

Cost: Free

Contact: Eric Hamilton

Email: 523924295c1c070c511a1d181b272108213b3236552f285657282937

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