DNS Forum : From flipping to interactivity

11 September 2012

The Division of Natural Sciences present a special forum -
Re-engaging students with lectures: From flipping to interactivity


We ask the question, 'how might the lecture format look in the future in light of students' changing learning behaviours and advances in multimedia?'  Various possibilities exist.  Flipped lectures expect students to become familiar with material beforehand, using activities ranging from viewing pre-recorded material, reading text, to engaging in on-line activities.  The lectures are then available for activities other than a PowerPoint delivery summarising content.  The other activities could range from interactive demonstrations to discussion of difficult and challenging concepts.  This engaged inquiry approach requires more effort from students but is better aligned with student behaviours - a trade-off that could prove effective.  


Dr Tony Mogg and Associate Professor Adam Bridgeman will provide a brief overview of flipped lectures followed by discussions. This will be part of a series of monthly forums with a retreat planned for December (DNS L&T Strategy Group).


Time: 1.00pm - 2.00pm

Location: Veterinary Science Conference Centre Boardroom

Cost: Free

Email: 035f092e287119330d5f3c40485322386c0527