Effective use of lecture prep time

6 November 2012

The Division of Natural Sciences present a special forum on "Effective use of lecture prep time: Sequencing and strategies".

The discussion during our DNS forum titled "Re-engaging students with lectures: From flipping to interactivity" was indeed engaging, with some key points listed below.

  • Are we pampering students by giving into the 5 minute attention span hype? Should we be preparing students for lifelong learning rather than being distracted by short attention spans in lectures?
  • How should we be preparing for the coming generations who would have had laptops in school?
  • Are we overloading students with pre-lecture material?
  • What is our role as lecturers? Should we also be entertainers?
  • What are the experiences of students with diverse backgrounds, especially those who miss lectures due to paid work?
  • How do we manage our time, the balance between providing excellent lectures and excellent research?

This next forumwill delve into some of these issues.

Assoc Prof Manjula Sharma will provide a brief introduction to sequencing in a lecture series, followed by Mr Caleb Owens who will share his experiences of using pre-lecture materials in his units. There will be lots of time for discussion again.

Venue: Veterinary Science Conference Centre WP Young Room

Annison Room - Camden via video-link

Time: 1.00 - 2.00pm

Location: Veterinary Science Conference Centre WP Young Room, Annison Room â Camden via video-link

Cost: Free

Email: 192706392b2420012d1f371e473422104c063d