Ishaa's Project for Peace

26 July 2017

The Indian government's shock banknote demonetisation project in 2016 left many businesses in crisis, and among those most affected were women whose small businesses dealt primarily in cash.

Empowerment inside and out
Empowerment inside and out

Although it can be easy to take financial products like bank accounts and loans for granted in Australia, UN Women​ reports that on average only only 47% of women worldwide have bank accounts - with the numbers even lower in developing countries.

 Janki Devi Vocational College and Nirmal Randhawa's School of Beauty
Janki Devi Vocational College and Nirmal Randhawa's School of Beauty

With this in mind, Ishaa Sandhu, an International House resident and second-year Juris Doctor student at the University of Sydney, set about rebuilding understanding of, and trust in, the financial services sector with her Beauty & Banking project. The focal point of the project was a three-day conference in New Delhi targeted at women in the beauty industry. The conference involved government financial officers, who educated participants on e-commerce, use of bank accounts, and basic personal finance.

We had the chance to talk with Ishaa about her inspiration for the project and some of the hurdles she had to overcome.

We would like to congratulate Ishaa Sandhu​ on a project which will have a lasting impact on all involved. The project was made possible with funding from an International House Davis Projects for Peace​ grant.

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