JSI Seminar Series: Citizenship for Sale: What's the Objection?

15 June 2017


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Speaker: Professor Helen Irving, The University of Sydney Law School

In recent years, a small, but growing number of countries around the world have begun to offer citizenship for sale (at a considerable price) to individual purchasers. Our moral intuitions tell us that there is something wrong with such schemes. Citizenship, we object, should never be for sale. This objection, I will argue, is problematic. It rests upon a priori theories about the nature of citizenship that are questionable and unstable, and that lack connection with what is being bought and sold. The paper - a work in progress - will consider a range of objections to the ‘commodification’ of citizenship, with particular focus on theories of allegiance. It will challenge us to think differently about the value of legal citizenship.

About the speaker

Helen Irving is Professor of Law at the Sydney Law School, where she teaches Australian and US Constitutional Law. Her most recent book is Citizenship, Alienage and the Modern Constitutional State: A Gendered History (CUP 2016). She was recently awarded an ARC Discovery Grant for her current project, ‘Citizenship and allegiance in Australian law and history.’

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Time: 6-8pm

Location: Common Room, Level 4, New Law Building (F10), Eastern Avenue, Camperdown, University of Sydney

Cost: Complimentary, however registration is essential.

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Phone: 02 9351 0429

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